Our Values

We're dedicated to building a brand rooted in purpose.

At Notch, accountability is a key aspect of everything we do, so it’s important for us to be straightforward about our goals and values. The image below is a picture of who we were—not who we want to be. But we know a little honest self-reflection goes a long way, and we’re not afraid of looking back in the interest of building a better tomorrow.


Sustainability means different things to everyone, which is why we want to be transparent about our practices. For us, it means sourcing locally and minimizing our carbon footprint. It means supporting our staff, both socially and economically. It means respecting many different viewpoints and considering the impact we have on future generations. It means prioritizing science, personal health and our planet from design to development.

As of now, we are currently: 

- Partnering with local vendors that use sustainably sourced and recyclable materials. 

- Evaluating our current processes, such as test kit production, and seeking ways to be more efficient. 

- Hiring and working with people who are making a conscious effort to positively impact lives.   

Giving Back

From day one, we knew that giving back was important to us. Because we’re a relatively small company, we’re still in the early stages of building partnerships, but are looking forward to using our health expertise and diverse skillsets to better serve our community.

We’ll provide updates when we have more information, but we wanted to be candid about our goals in the meantime. If you’re part of a non-profit organization that’s interested in partnering with us, please email bcorp@notch.health

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