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Our at-home food sensitivity tests measure your body’s immune response to many different diets and foods to help guide you on what types of food may be the best to choose for an elimination diet. Your results will display your sensitivities across several charts, categorized by each food group.

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Top Selling Food Sensitivity Tests

Notch Health Essential Food Sensitivity Test

Test de Sensibilidad a los Alimentos Esenciales

Identifique sensibilidades en 96 alimentos comunes.
$159 $189

Notch Health Complete Food Sensitivity Test

Test Completo de Sensibilidad Alimentaria

Revela sensibilidades en 208 alimentos culturalmente diversos.

Notch Health Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Test

Prueba de Sensibilidad a Alimentos Vegetarianos

Detect sensitivities across a range of plant-based foods.
From $159

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