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¿Por qué Notch?

Porque la salud personal debe empoderar.

Creemos que todo el mundo debería tener acceso a pruebas de diagnóstico que puedan ayudarles a tomar decisiones informadas sobre su salud.


Frequently Asked Questions

Notch provides precise, informed and simplified diagnostic tests and screening.

You can order lab tests, collect your sample and receive results – all from the comfort of your own home for low prices. We have a unique selection of at-home health tests to provide you with results you can rely on!

From food sensitivities to respiratory allergens and vitamin deficiencies, each of our tests is designed to help you explore more of your health at low prices. Our at-home lab tests range from $45 to $255. No extra costs, no subscriptions.

Depending on which test you order, you typically will receive your results in 5-10 business days. When your results are ready, we will send an email notification to view your results in the Notch Portal.

All of our tests are developed by a team of experienced scientists at our CLIA-certified lab and have been thoroughly validated against traditional testing conducted in doctor’s offices and clinics. You can learn more about our process here.

Notch at-home lab tests are only for those age 18 and older. Our health tests cater to those who are looking to pinpoint food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, airborne/environmental sensitivities and more.

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